Moon Man Story

Moon Man started in 2017 by Nigel Sielegar, an award-winning designer, and a principle of Corse Design Factory.

It all begins as a humble stall inside the Queens Night Market offering Southeast Asian desserts (kuih), Moon Man is well known for their coconut pancakes. Moon Man slowly becomes a staple in New York city food scene. Within less than a year of operation, Moon Man was nominated to be a Vendy Award finalist, featured in The New York Times, and the coconut pancake was deemed one of the best dishes in NYC by Timeout New York.


In 2019, Moon Man opened a brick and mortar location in the Lower East Side New York. Unfortunately, the pandemic hits shortly after and the shop has to closed. Moon Man then use this down time to do some research & development, and created the kaya jam series. Kaya jams is a type of coconut custard that's highly popular across Southeast Asia and hard to find in New York City.

Moon Man kaya jam series turns out to be a hidden blessing as they're quickly become popular, and it was featured in the New York Times, Food & Wine magazine, as well as many other notable food publications. In late 2021, Moon Man started opening up their wholesale division and get them in many stores across the country.